About the Author

Delvon T. Mattingly, who also goes by D.T. Mattingly, is an emerging fiction writer and a PhD student in epidemiology at the University of Michigan. He currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his two cats, Liam and Tsuki, who he thinks are objectively cuter than every other cat in existence.

Fiction: Delvon is working on completing his first fantasy novel “Awakening” with the help of his younger sister, Akira Mattingly. He also enjoys creating micro/flash & short fiction. His stories have appeared in a number of electronic/print zines. Check some of them out here.

Research: Delvon finished his MS degree in Epidemiology at the University of Louisville in August, 2018, and began a PhD program in epidemiologic science at the University of Michigan. He worked with the American Heart Association Tobacco Regulatory and Addiction Center (A-TRAC) and volunteered for Green Heart Louisville. His research interests focus on social determinants of health in vulnerable populations. He wants to conduct research that integrates a multifaceted approach to understanding health disparities in vulnerable groups, such as racial/ethnic minorities and the LGBTQ community, to promote efforts and advocacy towards eliminating these disparities and improve overall population health. He also has an interest in life course epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, and the substance use epidemiology.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase my work to people who are interested. I plan to post content weekly. Enjoy!