Novel Excerpt: Alexandra on Maven

They journeyed back to the Baron district market, cutting many corners, attempting to retrace their steps from the day before.

A faint bubbling sound resonated the closer they approached their destination, exploring the Maven district, adjacent to Baron. It amused Alexandra, watching the dirt roads of her hometown morph into seemingly untrodden pathways, embellishments of salubrious grass on their fringes, the buildings transforming almost in an instant: from archaic and abandoned to lavish and gentrified. That was Maven—a sister neighborhood of luxury.

“Maven,” Lukas crooned. “Makes you wonder why Baron is the way it is.”

“Baron is fine,” Alexandra sharply replied. “This is all a façade.”


“This place is no better than Baron. The people were the same, same customs, same ways of living. Same Arch-Mage. Just fancier surroundings,” She lectured at a halt.

Lukas scratched his head while briefly observing the scenery. “Seems like the Baron rebellion dragged Maven down as well. No one is here.”

Excerpt from: Awakening, Chapter 4 — Island Hyperion

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