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Three MicroPoems

Ebb You tell me to go with the flow, similar to the ocean’s waves, without considering that they’re always crashing into me. Decay Read More

Thin Ice

Skating on parallel wavelengths, meeting ill-timed, sharing love between each departing flight— and on every return—journeying back to our scratches in the Read More


My mind falls numb before my body ceases to jitter, and I often dream, very briefly, that I’m treading every line between the Read More


I had a dream that we climbed lighthouses to gaze upon fields full of sunflowers, the fringes of their petals glistening under Read More


Facing censure as years of tears reflect the sea, a blanket that my parents never gave me. Manliness absorbing into pores, venturing Read More

9 AM

I receive a text message, reading that I have absolutely nothing else to worry about. That I should never respond, and live Read More

Green Smoothie

Unwanted pity builds up in a blender, Forming empty words into edible screams. Green smoothie, tossed, never consumed. This poem was originally Read More