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Short Story

The Dispensary

I told Lamar to call me when we hit quota. I wanted to hear the excitement in his voice, that of which Read More

The Inner Circle

When I was fifteen, my grandmother passed away. She lived a long life, the leading matron of our entire family and hub Read More

A World of Shade

Darkness strained to overwhelm a triumphant light, the oppressed people burgeoning in numbers to only falter in tenacity. Even during the brightest Read More


Your eyes light up. You receive more than anticipated. Enduring hours of pointless banter seems worth it. You’re not eighteen anymore. Receiving Read More


I created a drug that if taken induced terrible allergic reactions to any person exhibiting unpleasant traits. One day, I became allergic Read More

Poems for the Devil

Dr. Horne was the Devil, literally, the Devil. We figured this because of his profound laugh, causing the classroom to quake at Read More