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Short Story

Your Kind of Thing

In our bedroom, darkness welcomed silence. I would stare out of the window into the neighborhood lights emanated by its street lamps, Read More

June, It’s Me

They sped a derelict car through a bleak road entangled by perched autumn trees, limp branches reminding them of their dejection—dangling for Read More

Nobody Cares

When it poured outside, gloom slowly struck my father like a chisel knocking against his finely tapered temples. I imagined it, every Read More


I stumbled home, a few drinks in. I thought about how I used to love. No, how hard I used love. I Read More


“Hey, do you have a cigarette?” I asked, wiping a trail of alcohol from my mouth and trying to ignore the drunken Read More

K, Mom

“Kida, she did it again!”“What? Who?” Kida asked, facedown in her phone.“Mom. She replied ‘K’ to my message.”“You know she does that Read More

Millions of Views

Play dead, Ian says. Keep the Go-Pro rolling. A bear attack? Let’s incite one and then play dead. We’ll go viral. Proximate Read More