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My mind falls numb before my body ceases to jitter, and I often dream, very briefly, that I’m treading every line between the Read More


I had a dream that we climbed lighthouses to gaze upon fields full of sunflowers, the fringes of their petals glistening under Read More


I created a drug that if taken induced terrible allergic reactions to any person exhibiting unpleasant traits. One day, I became allergic Read More


(If you’re using a smartphone, please read in landscape mode to avoid the formatting error.) During a pandemic of gloom, a star Read More


Many people live by the same routine: work, eat, sleep, possibly socialize with friends or engage in hobbies. For me and my Read More


Facing censure as years of tears reflect the sea, a blanket that my parents never gave me. Manliness absorbing into pores, venturing Read More

9 AM

I receive a text message, reading that I have absolutely nothing else to worry about. That I should never respond, and live Read More