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Facing censure as years of tearsreflect the sea, a blanket thatmy parents never gave me.Manliness absorbing into pores,venturing home, silence weighingheavier than Read More

9 AM

I receive a text message, reading that I have absolutelynothing else to worry about. That I should never respond, and live my Read More


I created a drug that if taken induced terrible allergic reactions to any person exhibiting unpleasant traits. One day, I became allergic Read More

Silence, Father

When grandmother passed away, father grew reticent. And I was okay with it, since he abandoned his routine of scolding me for Read More

Ami and Tsuki

Dozens of kittens were aligned in adjacent kennels, some meowing to be noticed, others taking their afternoon naps. I wandered the linear Read More

Those Days

It’s just one of those days, you say, Till you repeat this every day.It’s just one of those days,And your apathy bleeds,Into everything Read More