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The Dispensary

I told Lamar to call me when we hit quota. I wanted to hear the excitement in his voice, that of which Read More

The Inner Circle

When I was fifteen, my grandmother passed away. She lived a long life, the leading matron of our entire family and hub Read More


Your eyes light up. You receive more than anticipated. Enduring hours of pointless banter seems worth it. You’re not eighteen anymore. Receiving Read More


Many people live by the same routine: work, eat, sleep, possibly socialize with friends or engage in hobbies. For me and my Read More

Ana and the Window

This story is in the process of being edited and resubmitted for consideration to be published as a “reprint” in another journal. Read More

Move On, Irene

To Ivan, time stood still. A calm surged through his blood and bones, vanquishing physical pains, while his emotions remained. Unable to Read More